Coaching Practice

You may consider yourself stuck in a rut, or you may want to gain some focus amidst a flood of opportunity. Whatever the case, whatever your age, whatever your background, coaching will be useful for you.

With Mike as your guide, you will experience a journey from where you are to where you want to be – Your Beyond.  All coaching series begin with setting goals that are measurable and inspirational. Each week there is a meeting to set actions for the following week and check on the progress made the prior week. The weekly sessions create accountability and are an opportunity for your coach to give you the encouragement you’ll need along the way. With this practical rhythm established you’ll begin to develop the new habits you need to move incrementally towards achieving your goals.  A coaching series typically consists of twelve weekly sessions.

Coaching Scenarios

Each scenario is built upon the foundation of the process described above, but will be tailored to work most effectively in each setting. The scenarios described below serve as examples and do not limit the ways in which you can engage the coaching services.


You can focus on your career, your personal life, your relationships or your spirituality. Frequently, these areas overlap in ways that are hard to discern. In the process of the coaching series, you will decide which areas need the most focus and will be coached accordingly.


It might be your spouse, your fiancé, a family member, or a business partner. Whatever the relationship, partnership coaching will help create the clarity and focus that moves your partnership forward.


Families and small executive groups as well as larger companies and associations - coaching can offer a unifying effect and can facilitate breakthroughs of understanding you have never imagined.


Small groups of friends, clients, employees or even complete strangers - the coaches at Your Beyond can suggest a location or you may suggest your favorite retreat setting. We will set the goals for the retreat and facilitate the process.  You and your team will return with new convictions and tools to achieve the goals set forth.