Personal Manifesto

with Mike Rinehart

In our public lives---in businesses, companies, schools, organizations, and corporations---there are mission statements, vision statements, policy statements and more. Individuals are often encouraged to develop similar statements about themselves, following the same format. It never quite makes the impact we want it to make personally.

Over the last 12 years, we have developed a program that is transforming people’s lives like nothing I have ever seen or experienced. In just a couple of hours, I will lead you through a series of fundamental questions designed to assist you in creating your Personal Manifesto.


with Carolyn Marsalis

Born out of the work of Carl Jung, this workshop is a specifically designed and instructed collaged card making process. SoulCollage® is an introspective, integrative and intuitive process that brings forth experiential realization and deep connection to one’s inner guidance. SoulCollage® can be profound, fun and everything in-between!

Join me in an Introduction to SoulCollage® and learn to use this method for personal clarity and objectivity in your daily life. This interactive process is a non-conventional, yet extremely useful tool that can be utilized to gain personal insight regarding one’s life. During the workshop, you will make SoulCollage® cards (yours to take home), you will engage in a preliminary interpretation of your cards, and you will learn the basics of the SoulCollage® process.